Tomoru — a robot that talks like a human
In the rating of Inc. — The 100 most successful startups of 2021
Best talking robots
Dubai Company. New tool for attracting and assisting customers
13 times more effective than auto calls
for HR / Recruting
for customer support
for mass sales
Tomoru is a modern startup
We question the statement "that's the way it is in such a business" and are looking for a way to move even faster to the goal with the help of non-standard moves
Technologies, business processes — everything is made by people
We are about people
Tomoru sees every customer and employee as a real person with his own needs and feelings
Hours or days should pass between how we came up with something and when we tried it, but not months
We are about speed
Almost any idea can be tested in a period of several days to 3 weeks
Interacting with Tomoru makes processes easier and more convenient than it was before
We are about simplicity
We are changing the old and inconvenient format of work with the help of automation, artificial intelligence
The future belongs to those who are ready to change the world around them
Imagine that you can focus only on improving your product or on creating something new and meaningful
Make it better than it was before. This is how humanity will develop and move forward
This is what gives meaning to the activities of Tomoru
Change the usual format of work, give a sense of lightness and let innovation into the business
and much more
can be shifted to robots with AI
maintaining relationships
with key customers
hiring employee
controlling sales
Imagine that all service tasks
Getting started and solving routine tasks literally tomorrow
to the world of the future, where artificial intelligence is easily used
And you don't need six months to implement it
from using outdated methods in business
With Tomoru, you can instantly transfer
Tomoru is the portal
to tomorrow
We always work with people
and there are also those who provide services themselves
someone has the largest brand that everyone knows
With very different people:
and the love of technological solutions
the willingness to experiment
the desire to grow many times
But they are all united by three key qualities:
As practice shows, these are usually business owners with a turnover of 300 million per year
With the help of these technologies, they are working more and more efficiently. They know the value of automation and eagerly monitor business performance
According to these criteria, a 100% match happens with restless entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for new tools, experimenting, testing technologies
Restless entrepreneurs
We work with such clients with the same love, but we understand that they can find other tools for their tasks
Tools and technologies are not so important to them, but money is important
A wider audience is prudent entrepreneurs, who want to reduce costs and increase profits
Prudent entrepreneurs
Marketers and managers
There are also marketers and managers who are confused in their field in a good way
They are among the first to use new technologies - neural networks, artificial intelligence, automation
They are constantly looking for a working bundle and feel at their best when the hypothesis works
And we like to be the very working bunch that exceeds the planned indicators
Marketing managers, sales department, HR
Our product is bought not only by business owners, but by everyone who is responsible for the growth of the company: marketing managers, sales department, HR
These are managers who are responsible for the results in their field, trying tools, experimenting, looking for new things
It is important for them to see the growth of the company, and they are also confused about technology, so they are interested in neural networks and automation tools
And we help them automate tasks and reduce costs in their field
To provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to create better products and services
Stop being distracted by
related company issues
and related transaction costs
We create services that allow an entrepreneur to focus 100% of his attention on the development of his product
getting fast and high-quality solutions for each of them
Where our robot is already talking
Watch the video about how the name of our company was created
3 times the money ran out at an early stage — we successfully overcame it together
Tomoru is the second joint startup
We have been implementing projects together for 4.5 years
17 years in B2B sales and marketing, ex-top manager at the bank
Denis Balyura
5 years development
of complex systems
Alexander Maglevanny
Team and our values
In Tomoru, a team of more than 160 people who work according to the same principles, are involved in the work and show excellent results from month to month
We do not deceive customers, team members and ourselves. The option to earn more for yourself or for the company through deception is not an option
Tomoru is about driving for the sake of the result and the result for the sake of the drive
We convey such impressions
to everyone who interacts with the company. Whether it's customers, readers or employees
"Wow, was that possible?"
Flexibility and willingness to change are not just words in our case. Tomoru changes internally on average 3-4 times a year
Ready for change
So we have two ways to act:
— invent, based on the tasks
— check, test, try, measure
We do not adopt someone else's experience blindly. Old practices could become obsolete
«They don't do that in normal companies»
It takes work on yourself, and mediocrity develops itself. You have Tomoru DNA if everything you do is to the max, conscientiously, even if no one is watching
Doing to the maximum is a habit
"The role of personality in history" is to assemble and lead a talented team, but the result is achieved together
Tomoru is a team. All great results are achieved by the team
The team changes everything
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