Reveal business opportunities
with Tomoru
Listen how robot speaks with a real customer
Increases the LTV — 1:20
You will be sure that all the calls are recorded and done at the right time
Automate sales and retention departments
The sales team will have more time to close deals and spend less time reaching the clients
Boost cold sales and retention by 200%
Convert your dormant clients into active clients in one day. A virtual assistant can do more than 2000 calls per hour
Start automated calls in your inactive database
Best talking robots
In the rating of Inc. — The 100 most successful startups of 2021
Choose your task
3 Retention
1 Cold sales
2 Prolongation
Transfer the prospect to your sales team to close the deal in an automated way
The AI does the first touch to filter the potential prospects (up to 2000 calls per hour)
Feed the AI robot with your leads
Automate cold calls in your sales department
Integrate the AI robot with your CRM
The AI will reach the client prior to service expiration date
Transfer the client to the sales team for the prolongation
Boost your retention rate
Feed the AI robot with the contact database of inactive clients
The AI will call all the clients
in a matter of days and offer them your service or promo
Ttransfer the inactive clients back to your sales team to finalize the deal
Our achievements
to create one
voice robot
company growth in 2022
voice bots on a platform
unique dialogue have been done by our robots
55 million
Call your entire contact database just in 1 day
Make sales and retention departments more efficient by using automation
Double cold sales
and customer retention
Activate automated calls for inactive clients
This guarantees that all calls are recorded and made at the right time
Sales team saves time closing deals and reaching out to clients
Transform dormant customers into active ones within a day. A virtual assistant can make over 2000 calls per hour
Meet a certified boarding engineer and start testing today