Chatbot that Serves Customers Fully
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Automation that helps your business serve millions of happy customers fastly — powered by AI
Businesses conversational AI
Engage and offer support
to your customers 24/7 with chatbot on any chat apps
Turn leads into sales with personalized promotions tailored to your customers' interests and behavior
Fine-tune your products and services by listening to your customers through an automated feedback loop
Make Every Channel Count
Meet prospects in their favorite messaging channels
From product discovery to payment, use our WhatsApp solution to help customers seamlessly connect with your brand
Turn followers into customers and deliver instant responses to all your DMs and mentions with the help of Instagram chatbots
Facilitate direct engagement with your customers in their favorite social channel
Start conversations that are engaging, generate leads, drive sales, and deliver on-demand support directly on your website
Why Tomoru?
The best in WhatsApp
AI-Based Product
Get early access to new features by partnering with the leader who built world’s first end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp
Achieve lightning-fast results with AI-powered bots that are easy to train and engage in humanlike conversations
Powerful Analytics
Gain triple advantage — analyze customer behavior, understand purchase patterns & increase your upsell opportunities with our analytics platform
Easily scalable
Our systems can operate on a massive scale and engage millions of conversations
Adi Wirawan
Rina Putri
Tomoru’s chat bot has revolutionized our sales process. Its seamless integration into our B2B SaaS platform has significantly increased our team’s efficiency. The bot’s intelligent responses and ability to handle customer inquiries round the clock have resulted in higher lead conversions and improved customer satisfaction. Tomoru is a game-changer for our sales team!
Tomoru’s chat bot has transformed our customer support operations. Its advanced AI capabilities and natural language processing have allowed us to provide instant and accurate assistance to our customers. The bot’s ability to understand and resolve complex queries has reduced our support team’s workload and improved response times. Tomoru’s chat bot is an invaluable asset to our customer support department!
Budi Santoso
Tomoru’s chat bot has streamlined our communication channels. Its intuitive interface and intelligent routing have enhanced our ability to manage and respond to customer inquiries efficiently. The bot’s personalized interactions and automated workflows have saved us time and improved overall customer experience. Tomoru’s chat bot is an essential tool for effective communication in our organization!
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